dinsdag 29 oktober 2013

Angstaanjagend gedicht

Onderstaand gedicht heb ik integraal gegapt, maar ik weet niet van wie.....:

The people of the world
woke one day to find
that disaster had occurred
Right before their eyes.

No food on the shelves,
no milk in the case
And they cried aloud
in frightened dismay

What happened to our food?
Where did it all go?
Where can we get more?
Tell us! We must know!

Well, an old man answered
In a voice still and sad
"We farmers gave up,
Things just got too bad"

And the people asked as they
wandered through the store
"A farmer, what's he?
What do we need him for?"

"To grow our food"
The farmer replied
"Don't tell me you thought
It just fell from the sky"

"Well, actually we never
really gave it much thought
We just came to the grocery,
made our choices and bought"

"That's where you went wrong"
The farmer said with a frown.
"If people would have cared
May be we'd still be around"

"Instead you build houses
Where we once plowed our fields
And from concrete and asphalt
we don't get much yield"

"Then the government came in
with their red tape and laws
No one can escape
the grasp of their claws"

"Also the weather
is not always our friend
One flood or freeze
can mean the beginning of the end"

Now this was all
the farmer had to say
He slowly turned
and faded away

And the peopla asked
"Could this really be true?
Could ths happen to me?
Could it happen to you?"

They then returned to see
Food upon the bare shelves
It must heve been a bad dream
they all told themselves

But deep in their memory
they now realized
The fate of the farmer
affects all our lives......

(als iemand de auteur en/of jaartal weet, vertel het me!)

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